Monday, April 7, 2014

Introduction Post

Welcome to the software section of the Poetry And Fiction blog. This is a place where I put my (mostly for now) Windows based software some of which is freely available, some is donation ware and some of it can be purchased through this site.

I will also take some time to recognize some of the programmers, designers, engineers and influences upon my life and the world of computing in general right back to its humble beginnings in the in the years around 1300 BC to 200 AD though some might argue that the computing revolution started much earlier.

A lot has changed with the tools of the trade out there and the evolution of languages and how the programming paradigm has changed from inputting a series of voltages via potentiometer in vacuum tube based analog computing, to punch card based programming, then to inputting octal or hexadecimal op codes (which represented cpu instructions and data) then onto the machine code assembler and first compiled and interpeted languages. 

All of this is based off of the means by which one can manipulate values according to a set of logic gates or boolean operators to achieve arithmetic computation via a series of such operations such as AND, OR, XOR and NOT operators which are all still the basis of all digital computing. All processors at some level utilize these operators for computer mathematical operations. One of the greatest gifts that my Uncle, an original old school computing professional gave to me was the gift of understanding these gates in an early lesson that he taught to me.

He was a natural teacher and had a gift for it. That was my lasting introduction to computing and I was fortunate enough to grasp that concept after his teachings when I was nine years old. He went on throughout his life to have such an effect upon many others, young and old alike, sharing his knowledge and love of it and of learning. I cannot say enough how influential that would be in my life.

I'm in the early stages of putting this site together so until it is finished I there's not much to see, but you're more than welcome to take a look around.

Stay Well

Brian Joseph Johns